Find Local Tree Felling Experts For Tree Removals Near You

Tree Removals

Finding local tree felling experts for your tree removals needs has never been easier. With an extensive network of reliable and professional tree removal specialists across South Africa, you can be confident that the right help is just around the corner.

Our platform enables potential customers like yourself to access a list of top tree felling pros near you, coupled with the option to receive up to three free quotes from vetted professionals.

These highly skilled individuals offer various services such as stump removal tree trimming, pruning and line clearing – ensuring all aspects of your arboriculture needs are catered for.

By opting for local specialised services through our directory listings covering areas including Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban North among others; not only do you benefit from prompt response times but also gain invaluable insights about native species care and preservation regulations of South Africa.

Benefits Of Tree Removals

  • Improved curb appeal: Removing unsightly trees can make a significant difference in the appearance of your property, attracting potential buyers or simply making it more pleasant for you and your family.
  • Safety: Dead, dying, or diseased trees pose a risk to people, structures, and other plants; their removal helps to prevent accidents and property damage.
  • Healthier environment for surrounding plants: Removing sick trees can halt the spread of diseases to healthier plants in your garden.
  • Better sunlight exposure: Eliminating tall or dense trees allows more sunlight to reach your lawn and other plantings, encouraging healthy growth.
  • Increased space: Tree removals can create more usable outdoor space by opening up overcrowded areas in your garden or yard.
  • Energy conservation and reduced pollution: As noted earlier, properly maintained trees can save an estimated R100 annually per average-sized tree through energy conservation and pollution reduction.

Hire Professional Tree Removal Services In South Africa

Residential Tree Removal

Residential tree removal is an essential service for homeowners who want to maintain a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment around their properties.

With highly skilled arborists and professional equipment, we can effortlessly remove trees of any size, reducing potential hazards such as fallen branches or damage caused by invasive roots (Root Removal).

  • By opting for our residential tree removal services in South Africa, you’ll benefit from top-quality workmanship backed by comprehensive liability coverage

Commercial Tree Removal

Commercial tree removal is an essential service for businesses and commercial properties looking to maintain a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Commercial tree removal services cover various sectors including office parks, shopping centres, schools, hotels, and golf courses throughout South Africa’s major regions such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria East and Bloemfontein.

They offer a comprehensive range of solutions tailored specifically for commercial clients; from regular maintenance work like pruning and trimming to more complex cases requiring emergency intervention or even large-scale projects involving dangerous trees.

Emergency Tree Removal

Sometimes, trees can pose an immediate threat to life and property, and this is where emergency tree removal comes into play.

  • Professional tree felling services in South Africa offer 24/7 emergency tree removals for situations such as fallen trees blocking roads or power lines after a severe storm.

Hiring experts for urgent work ensures the safety of everyone involved while minimizing disruption caused by the cleanup process.

Let Us Help Find You A Local Tree Removal Pro Near You

Let Us Help Find You A Local Tree Removal Pro Near You

Looking for a tree removal specialist in your local area can be daunting, especially if you’re unsure where to start.

  • Luckily, we can help find the perfect professional to take on the job.

We understand that property owners have different needs when it comes to removing trees, which is why our experts cater to both residential and commercial clients.

When searching for a local expert, keep in mind the cost of their service – some may charge according to size (small/medium/large) while others may charge based on time spent on the project.

Hiring A Tree Removal Specialist Vs

Tree Removal Specialist DIY Tree Removal
1. Expertise and Knowledge A certified arborist possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to safely remove trees. DIY tree removal can be dangerous for those without proper training and experience.
2. Safety Professional tree removal teams follow safety protocols and use appropriate equipment to protect themselves and your property. Attempting tree removal without proper equipment and safety measures can result in accidents and damage to your property.
3. Insurance Coverage Tree removal specialists have adequate insurance coverage, protecting you from liability in case of accidents or damages. DIY tree removal may not have the same insurance coverage, leaving you financially responsible for any accidents or damages that occur.
4. Professional Licenses A licensed tree removal service demonstrates expertise and professionalism in the field. Attempting tree removal without a professional license may lead to subpar results and potential legal issues.
5. Time and Effort Hiring a tree removal specialist ensures the job will be done efficiently, saving you time and effort. Attempting DIY tree removal can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially for those without prior experience.

Tree Removal Services In Different Regions Of South Africa

Tree Removal Services In Different Regions Of South Africa

Discover reliable tree removal services across South Africa.

  • From Gauteng to Western Cape, and everywhere in between, we’ll help you find a local professional who can safely remove any trees on your property.

Services Areas In South Africa

If you’re in need of tree removal services in South Africa, it’s important to know that there are experts available in various regions across the country.

From Alberton and Bellville to Johannesburg and Polokwane, you can find local professionals who specialize in residential or commercial tree removal, as well as emergency services.

Additionally, if you require stump grinding or other tree-related maintenance, there are likely professionals nearby who can assist with that too.

Expert team of tree felling specialists serve a vast range of areas, including Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West, Northern Cape and Western Cape.

From Alberton to Witbank and everywhere in between, we offer residential and commercial tree removal services as well as emergency tree removals.

Tree Removal Prices For Tree Removal In South Africa

Tree Removal Prices For Tree Removal In South Africa

Price Of A Small Tree Removal

In South Africa, the price of removing a small tree can range from R850 to

  • The average cost for removing a small tree is around R1000.

Price Of A Medium Tree Removal

On average, you can expect to pay approximately R4,000 for a medium-sized tree removal that ranges between 10 to 20 meters tall..

Additionally, it’s worth noting that other related tasks such as pruning and debris removal may also incur additional charges between R150 – R250 per man hour.

Price Of A Large Tree Removal

The cost of removing a large tree in South Africa ranges from R2500 to R4500

Conclusion: Hire Expert Tree Fellers For Local Tree Removals Anywhere In South Africa

Tree removals are essential to prevent property damage and maintain the health of trees on your property.

  • It is best to hire a professional tree feller for safe and effective removal, whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes.

With many service areas in South Africa and competitive pricing, finding expert local tree removal services is made easy with our help.

  • Don’t risk DIY methods that can lead to accidents and costly mistakes – trust the professionals for your tree removal needs.


  1. What are the reasons for needing a tree removed?

There are several reasons why you might need a tree removed

  • Dead or dying
  • In poor health, posing a safety risk to nearby structures or people
  • Taking up too much space or blocking sunlight
  1. Can I remove a tree myself?

It is generally not recommended that individuals attempt to remove trees

  • Professional arborists have the necessary equipment and expertise required to safely remove trees.
  1. How much does it cost to have a tree removed?

It’s best to consult with an experienced arborist who can provide an accurate quote based on your specific needs.

  1. Do I need permission before removing a tree from my property?

In some cases, local laws or regulations may require homeowners to obtain permission before removing certain types of trees from their property.

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