Tree removal Johannesburg

Tree removal Johannesburg, special tree felling services

Tree removal Johannesburg has special tree felling services for you.  We can remove even the most difficult trees.  Like palm trees, and blue gum trees.  Both these types of trees get very tall.  Sometimes they may threaten to fall over.  When this happens you call us, the tree felling experts.

Trees swaying too much could be a sign of a bad root system.  It could be the tree is dead, so is not planted firmly.  It is very dangerous for a tall tree to not be rooted properly.

It may fall over and damage or destroy property around it.  Contact us immediately if you have concerns about a large tree in your garden.

Sadly, a tree will need to be uprooted if it is already dead.  However, if it is living it can be saved.

Our tree surgeons will know exactly what to do in any situation.

Tree removal Johannesburg

Fallen over trees call tree removal Johannesburg

For fallen over trees call tree removal Johannesburg.  In addition, we can also perform stump grinding.  This means we will dispose of the dead tree, removing it from your property.  Plus, we can grind down the stump so that grass will naturally grow over the area.

Trees like blue gum roots get very big.  So instead of ripping up all the soil, the stump can be left in the ground.

Contact for further information and costs on stump removal.

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Plant and tree experts

Tree removal Johannesburg are plant and tree experts.  We know what grows best where.  Ask us about landscaping and putting the right plants on your property.  If you are unsure about a tree in your garden we can assess damages.  Like, rotting roots or bad soil.

We are proud of the services we offer.  Call us now for super low quotes.

Tree removal Johannesburg


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