Boomsloping, tree fellers for hire to prune and remove trees


Boomsloping, tree fellers for hire to prune and remove treesContact us now for reliable tree fellers.  Our services are more than just chopping trees down.  We also offer services to tidy up old-looking trees.  Branch pruning can make a tree come alive again.  Trust our handy team to correctly trim trees.

Our services are fully certified and recognized as safe.  Ask us for references and any regulation documentation. Our tree fellers are licensed to use chainsaws and other dangerous felling machinery.

Safety is always first, that is why our team is completely equipped with PPE.  As well as good working equipment to ensure proper results.

Call us now for a free quote.  Quoting is specific to each project.  Our quotes are fair.

The Afrikaans term for tree felling is boomsloping

The Afrikaans term for tree felling is boomsloping.  Whatever you choose to call it.  It remains a skilled technique.  Our company has the best to offer our clients.  Along with our great and friendly attitude.  Our professional skills are worth hiring.

We don’t just cut down trees.  We carefully assess any job that is required and will first offer our opinion and options.  Sometimes a good old tree only needs some
Edward scissor hands to freshen it up.

But if we feel it is necessary to remove a tree we will be honest.  Trees could be a hazard and may be threatening to fall over.  Let us help before any major damage is caused.

Everything else we offer

Boomsloping has more to offer.  Tree felling companies like us, are educated about plant life.

So if you want a company that can trim a tree or lay a new fresh instant lawn.  We are the guys you need.

Our services include landscaping and clear-out services.  Full monthly maintenance contracts or just one day hire.

Be sure to contact us now for more information on everything we have to offer you.



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