Tree removal Pretoria

Tree removal Pretoria, remove hazardous trees prune old trees

Tree removal Pretoria, remove hazardous trees.  Trees that may be dangerous to you are  massive.  These trees have the potential to cause serious damage.  If a tree is dead and falling over do not leave it.  Call us immediately for our emergency service.

Sometimes trees die from bad soil nutrients or possibly lightning damage.  It is never wise to just leave a tree as large storms can blow them over.  This can happen if a tree has major damage.

Call us now for our expert advice.  We will gladly assist you with the best solution.  Tree felling is our specialty.  So, don’t delay contact us now.  All our quoting is Free.

Tree removal Pretoria

Specialized tree removal Pretoria

Specialized tree removal Pretoria.  We are always available to help you.  Our team is equipped to cut down trees.  As well as tree stump removal solutions.  Ask us about this service.  A tree stump is not easy to remove.  However, we have learned through experience the exact means of how to.

A stump can also be ground.  Known as stump grinding this technique is inexpensive and a good option.  As the tree trunk is ground down grass will soon grow over it.  The rest of the roots will naturally and slowly become part of the soil.

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Gardening solutions

Gardening solutions are a part of the tree removal Pretoria service.  For all your other garden needs like landscaping, you can count on us.

Our team of tree surgeons is also good garden cultivators.  Cutting away dead plants will help bring life back into it.  We make those flower beds come alive again.  We can remove all dead heads from flowers.  Including redesigning your outdoor area.

Call us not just to remove an old tired tree but to revive your premises.

Tree removal Pretoria


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