Tree felling equipment

Tree felling equipment used, for cutting different size trees

Tree felling equipment used will depend on the size of the tree. A chainsaw is most often used.

It is a high-powered tool with very sharp blades that cut at a high efficiency and speed.

Chainsaws come in different shapes, models, and sizes. All safety precautions must be followed when using a chainsaw. Chainsaws differ in horsepower and price, as well as powered by electricity, battery, or petrol.

The pole chainsaws are designed to cut down branches beyond arm’s reach at a height of 15 feet.  To cut small trees, use prune shears, hand saws, an axe as well as loppers.

Mechanized tree removal equipment is required to remove exceptionally large trees and tree stumps. For example, a stump grinder for removal of a tree stump. Secondly a tree spade machine, is an expensive heavy-duty machine used for the removal of a tree as well as the roots from the ground.

Tree felling equipment

Tree felling equipment, tree felling techniques

The size and position of the tree will affect the choice of tree felling equipment.

The process of tree felling includes tree felling, cutting up the wood as well as stump removal.

Tree dismantling techniques for large trees includes removal of the tree top, using of rope for the branches, to be lowered as well as lifting the cut tree.

Dismantling by crane used to extract the dismantled branches and logs from above. 

Tree felling equipment, site clearing, tree disposal.

Tree felling equipment for domestic tree disposal, the tree and all its chippings must be cleared off the ground.

Tree disposal equipment you will need to cut the tree into manageable pieces, a chainsaw. A wood chipper that is used to cut pieces of felled trees into even smaller pieces.

Necessary equipment needed to cut or remove your trees, can be hired from a rental store.

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Tree felling equipment