Tree felling definition

Tree felling definition, tree felling techniques used when felling a tree.

Tree felling definition, tree felling techniques, the first step is to start by clearing around the tree to ensure space for the felling.

The next step is to remove the branches up to shoulder height. The technique used for making the felling cut depends on the thickness of the trunk and the guide bar.

The felling of the tree is started with three main cuts. To control the fall, the directional cut line should run 1/4 of the tree diameter to make a 45-degree wedge.

Tree felling definition

Tree felling definition, tree felling equipment for the job.

Tree felling definition, using the right equipment for the job. The chainsaw is the most used equipment in tree felling. The size of the tree will determine the equipment used.

Cutting off smaller trees can be done using a saw, axe, loppers, electric, or petrol loppers. 

 Big trees are cut with the help of a breaking bar, felling bar, or wedge, to ensure safety. 

As a result of the tree leaning back, the tree trunk can pinch the wedge in the tree. Therefore, preventing you to make the cut with the chainsaw.

Another type of equipment used is a feller buncher it is a self-propelled machine with a cutting head. This can hold and cut more than one tree stem at a time.

A stump grinder is a machine with sharp blades that can remove a tree stump. 

Tree felling definition, felling laws in South Africa and insurance.

Tree felling definition, in South Africa we have 47 protected tree species in terms of the National Forests Act, (No. 84 of 1998), as amended.

There exist definite safety guidelines for felling trees with chainsaws. Tree fellers must receive training to use a chainsaw, as per the Occupational health & safety act (85 of 1993).

Tree felling insurance is important for tree felling companies to have adequate insurance to cover possible claims for negligence.

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Tree felling definition