Why tree pruning is important

Why tree pruning is important, the definition of tree pruning.

Why tree pruning is important, you can define it as the removal of branches from trees for different reasons.

When diseases affect certain branches, the removal of these branches will help the tree to survive. Regular pruning ensures healthy trees,

sunlight and air can come in, it will also prevent diseases and pests from attacking the tree.

Pruning of fruit trees is of particular importance to promoting the yield. The appearance and the shape of the tree is improved by regular pruning.

When transplanting trees, you must prune the tree before transplanting.  Regular pruning can contribute to the safety of your property and environment by

cutting overgrown hedges and trees that create hiding places.

Why tree pruning is important

Why tree pruning is important, tree pruning guidelines and pruning tools.

Why tree pruning is important and the pruning tools that can be used?

You can prune your trees by using shears, loppers, axe, cutters, and a saw as well as an electric trimmer with a pole saw.

Dealing with a thicker branch you can use a chainsaw.

Look for the branch collar, an area where the bark is darker. You then cut the branch from the top to the bottom and not right

on the trunk. It will ensure a good callus and prevent rotting in the future. The best time to prune your trees is late winter or

early spring when the tree is still dormant.

Why tree pruning is important and the cost of tree pruning.

Cost of tree pruning why tree pruning is important, you can either do it yourself or use a professional.

If you know how to prune trees and can, you can go for the DIY way. If this is not the case it is best to make use of a professional,

you can contact a reputable tree company for a quote. Some of the companies have arborists or landscapers in their employ that will be

able to give you good advice.

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Why tree pruning is important