Tree trimming Pretoria

Tree trimming Pretoria, tree felling services in Tshwane

Tree trimming Pretoria, tree felling services in Tshwane.  Established in the 1990s our company has been cutting trees for more than 30 years.  This experience makes us one of the most reputable tree-felling companies in South Africa.

We consistently hold training programs for our employees.  Education allows us to help our team grow more knowledgeable about the services we provide.

Because we need to look after our staff and our customers, we are proudly accredited and insured.

Public liability insurance is extremely important in the field of tree felling.  That is why we make sure we are up-to-date with all documentation renewals.

We are a name you can trust.  A team you can rely on for quality service.

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Tree trimming Pretoria

Tree removal and tree trimming Pretoria

Tree removal and tree trimming Pretoria.  Whatever the tree needs, we can help you.  Like, pruning trees, whatever the project entails, it should be done with care.

Not just for the tree but the people around.  Sometimes tree felling can be dangerous.  Especially with large branches.  For instance, they may fall and could injure someone.

Because we understand the dangers, we take precautions and measures to make certain every action is correct.

The tree fellers on our team are well aware of their duty to make sure safety comes first.

The values we hold

The values we hold at tree trimming Pretoria are in place for everyone.  Like all nature, trees are an important part of our landscape.

With that said, we need to treat every tree felling job with care.  It means knowing what tree we are dealing with and how to treat it.  As well as what tree should stay.

As we like to keep positive and have a good outlook on our work.  We maintain the standard of being a respectable and dependable company.

Tree trimming Pretoria
tree trimming Pretoria


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