Tree pruning prices

Tree pruning prices, find out the average cost to trim trees

Tree pruning prices, find out the average cost to trim trees.  It is always better to hire a professional tree felling company for tree care.  But, there is always the cost worry.

So here is an idea of what you may pay per tree for simple pruning jobs.   However, it should be noted that some companies may charge more.

Check company references and ask for quotes before deciding which company to choose.

Tree pruning prices

Low and affordable tree pruning prices

Low and affordable tree pruning prices are available.  Some tree-felling companies may offer package deals.  For example if you have an estate with a lot of trees.  Some options are available at better rates.

Rates will vary from time to time.  For example, daily rates and monthly package rates will be different.

Check to make sure the company you choose is licensed to cut trees.  As well as that they have liability insurance in place.

This is to protect you and the employee tree feller.

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Package options

Package options for tree pruning prices are all different.  Prices may increase to about R3000.

Once off clean-ups, for example, full garden clean out of the debris.  Including tree trimming and tree removal can vary in price.  However, choose one company so that you don’t end up paying more.

Palm tree trimming also varies in price.  As these trees are very tall some extra equipment may be used.  As a result, the costs may increase from tree to tree.

A tree specialist during assessment and quotes may notice that a tree is dead or diseased.  Extra charges may be quoted if there are specialized treatment requirements.  Like, plant health care.

Remember each tree is different in size.  Good companies will price fairly and competitively.

Tree pruning prices


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