Tree felling risk assessment

Tree felling risk assessment, the risks of cutting down trees

Tree felling risk assessment is a very important part of consultations.  We offer free quotations and assess the safety and security of tree felling.  When a tree is needed to be cut down it is always in your best interest to make sure you understand the dangers.

Our felling company will gladly walk you through the steps. As we believe you need to understand the risks.  Even though we may take necessary precautions.  Large trees falling over can be unpredictable.

Tree felling risk assessment

Explaining, Tree felling risk assessment

Explaining Tree felling risk assessment.  We take into account all factors of tree felling solutions.  A tree must be correctly assessed before proceeding with removing it.

Firstly, all tree fellers need to be correctly equipped with PPE (personal protection equipment)

Secondly, loggers and all labourers involved need to be in good health as it is a difficult task.

Thirdly, any equipment that is used for the job must be fully functional and well maintained.

Lastly, the area needs to be accurately checked out.  At all times a site manager needs to be fully skilled and educated.  As his judgment is critical to the process.

Most importantly, make sure all insurances like public liability are in order.

What to look out for

What to look out for in Tree felling risk assessment.  Hiring a tree felling company should always be a company that is fully certified.

Make sure all necessary documentation is in order with the tree fellers you choose.  Any tree felling service that cannot produce references or insurances should be avoided.

Good equipment is as important as the rest.  If at any time you feel that equipment like a chainsaw seems faulty.  Do not allow it to be used.

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Tree felling risk assessment


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