Tree felling insurance

Tree felling insurance, make sure the company you choose is covered

For tree felling insurance, make sure the company you choose is covered.  If you have recently decided you need a tree cut down.  It is very important to remember one important factor.  Do you know what public liability insurance is?  Moreover, do you know what it is for?

When choosing a tree felling company to cut down a tree.  Make sure they are fully certified in all areas of their trade.  As with most dangerous jobs, safety and security are the buzzwords.  Do not ever rely on a company that has no proper documentation.

Tree felling insurance

The reason for, tree felling insurance

The reason for tree felling insurance is simple.  No one can afford claims against them if something bad happens.  No company wants something bad to happen.  However, sometimes nature is unpredictable.  Cutting a tree down could potentially damage property or people.  If this happens a good company will have proper insurances in place.

For your peace of mind make sure that the tree felling company you choose is covered.  Take note and ask for all of their certificates related to what they do.  Confirm these certificates.  Good companies will be affiliated to proper institutions.

Also, if you decide to choose one individual to help you.  It is important to make sure you are covered.  In the event a person is injured on duty you will be liable to pay.

The proof is in their past work

The proof is in their past work.  Look out for companies that have tree felling insurance.  Always double-check that documents are in order.  There should be a record of past projects.

It is better to choose a good company and pay more.  Instead of a company that seems like a fly-by-night.

Be sure to ask for references from previous job completions.  Don’t be afraid to ask the right questions.

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Tree felling insurance


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