Stump removal techniques

Stump removal techniques, some methods of stump removal

Stump removal techniques, some methods of stump removal.  There is a possibility that somewhere you have seen a left-behind tree stump? Trees can become sick and fall over.  This results in a cracked old stump.  Or they need to be cut down because they are invasive.

Either way, trees are not always easy to remove.  Especially the very big ones.

You could have made sure that every avenue is covered removing a tree.  But the stump is always the last part that seems the worst.

There are some ways to consider.  As every tree is different be sure to look into some facts about it first.  For example the tree species.  This will help a lot because it will determine the roots.

Stump removal techniques

Dig it out or let it rot stump removal techniques

Dig it out or let it rot stump removal techniques.  To dig the tree out may take a lot of time.  But if you have the time and the tools then this option may work.  Firstly, check how big the root system is.  If it is very deep it may be a lot of hard work.

Then the better option could be stump grinding.  This will flatten the stump right down to the ground.  Leaving the roots behind.

Otherwise, there is the rotting solution.  Drill some holes into the stump.  Use warm water and fill those deep holes.  Use a nitrogen-rich chemical.  You can find those at any hardware shop.  This will weaken the stump and speed up the decay process.

Call a professional

The best way would be to call a professional for stump removal techniques.  Alternatively, hire their services.  As it is their profession they will know exactly which method will be best for you.

So three simple ways to help remove a stump can have your garden clear.  Ready for you to reuse the spot.

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Stump removal techniques


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