Stump removal methods

Stump removal methods, ideas, and tips to remove a stump

Stump removal methods, ideas, and tips to remove a stump.  There are easy ways to remove small trees and their roots.  Manual labour like using a spade and chainsaw could work.  Along with a bit of elbow grease that stump should come right out.

However, when it comes to bigger trees like a palm tree.  Or perhaps an oak tree stump and root system.  The problem is the size so this could mean a lot more work.  A simple shovel and saw won’t cut it.

So alternative methods have been developed to make things easier for us.

Stump removal methods

The how to stump removal methods

The how-to stump removal methods vary from tree to tree.  It also varies according to what you want as a result.

Because large trees may cause more damage by trying to extract the roots.  The best option may be stump grinding.  Why, because it is less invasive and less time-consuming.

Then there is also the chemical removal solution.  There are various products on the market to help a stump and roots decay faster.

What method to choose

What stump removal methods should you choose?  The best root is first to find out what type of tree you have.  This will help determine the rooting system and how deep they have grown.  Or how thick and strong they are.

The other consideration is if the tree was already dead.  This may help as the roots may already have started to rot.  It makes removal much easier.

Then where is the tree?  Is it in a hard-to-reach place?  Always consult a tree-felling expert.  Otherwise known as a tree surgeon.  They will have the best knowledge.

With all this said three main options are available.  Root removal, stump grinding, and lastly the chemical method.

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Stump removal methods


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