Stump grinding vs removal

Stump grinding vs removal, what is better for your garden

Stump grinding vs removal.  What is better for your garden?  Everyone is different and opinions vary.  But there are clear differences between grinding a stump. Or deciding to extract the full root system.

Let’s start with grinding.  Firstly, it is a faster option.  Because grinding uses large machines to quickly chop away a tree stump.

Secondly, it is less labour-intensive and therefore needs less manpower to do.

Thirdly, the chopped-up wood is like sawdust or mulch.  This can be used again in the garden.  It helps to keep the soil moist and protected.

But what are the negatives?  Well, the tree may just sprout again.  Alternatively, if it decays it attracts other unwanted bugs.

Stump grinding vs removal

The difference between stump grinding vs removal

The difference between stump grinding vs removal.  So we already touched on grinding.

Here are some things to think about if a stump needs to be removed.

The first pro is the full tree and its roots are removed.  This leaves room for building or other replanting.

The other pro is there is no health hazard.  No bug infestations of decaying roots could lead to a future problem too.

But the downside to this process is very damaging to the ground.  Plus, can become very expensive.  Because it requires more manpower or bigger machines.

The deciding factor

The deciding factor of stump grinding vs removal.  Well, again this requires a calculated decision.  Based on factors that you need to look at.  The great thing is some companies know best.  So, ask for assistance in making a decision.  Speak to tree specialists.

A good company will be able to give you the best outcome for your circumstances.  To avoid unnecessary pests and infestation problems.

It is better to remove a stump.  But if the cost is a problem grinding will always count in your favour.

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Stump grinding vs removal


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