Is tree stump removal necessary

Is tree stump removal necessary, or should you just leave it

You have just removed a tree.  The stump is still in the ground so is tree stump removal necessary?  Or should you just leave it?  Well, there are some things to consider in both cases.

Leaving the stump or removing it is up to you.  With this said, a couple of factors can help you decide.

How big was the tree you had removed?  Because to leave the roots and stump could mean that will leave a constant obstacle in the garden.  If this does not matter then possibly leave it for a while.  However, don’t leave it too long.  Since anything decaying attracts bugs like in this case termites.  This in turn could attract them into your house as well.

Is tree stump removal necessary

Why is  tree stump removal necessary

Why is tree stump removal necessary?  Protruding roots may be a problem in the future so complete trunk and root removal are best.  This is not the only reason, because like carpenter ants can become a problem.  Rather remove the trunk to avoid critters nesting in the garden.  This could destroy other plant life.  Plus eventually, move towards your house.

Understandably a massive tree stump is not easy to remove.  So perhaps leave it for a few months.  This will then make it easier to start dislodging from the ground.

Alternatively, contact a professional tree-felling company for sound advice.

The trunk is too big

The trunk is too big for you to move.  Well is tree stump removal necessary?  Depending on the surrounding environment it may be.  But if you are happy to leave it to slowly decompose.  Well then, let nature takes its course.

Tree surgeons will know best and it is always advisable to seek professional opinions.

So in conclusion, make sure to check every aspect of the garden or premises for the best decision.

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Is tree stump removal necessary


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