How to stump removal

How to stump removal, simple easy steps to clearing away trees

How to stump removal, simple easy steps to clearing away trees.

The first step, call the professional tree felling experts for our trusted and efficient services.

Step two, ask for a FREE quotation on any tree cutting services we offer.

The third step, sit back and relax while we take care of removing dead trees or branches.

We have been clearing away trees for decades and know exactly how to remove a stump.  If a tree has fallen over we can remove the debris.  As well as the trunk.  So, if you need to make sure that the full tree is gone.  NO PROBLEM! We have the team and the tools to make it happen.

Call us for branch trimming services as well.  Tidy up those trees so that they are fresh for summer.

How to stump removal

The simple how to stump removal process

The simple how to stump removal process.  To make life easier it is always better to call our professional services.  However, if you want to get rid of a stump yourself there are some easy steps to consider.

  1. Wait for the stump to dry out for a few months possibly longer. This will make it easier to remove in time.
  2. If it must be gone now, hire a stump grinding machine. As long as you understand how to use it this will grind down the trunk.  You can use the mulch in your garden.

What is mulch

What is mulch?  In the how to stump removal process you discover that wood shavings are useful.

During winter use the mulch to keep moisture in the soil.  Laying it over the soil can be beneficial for plants and the ground.  Because the wood is organic it is not harmful to any insects or nature.

Call us for help and assistance with any tree cutting services you may need.

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How to stump removal


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