How to prune tree branches

How to prune tree branches, the best ways to trim a tree

How to prune tree branches, the best ways to trim a tree.  In the case of tree pruning, it is always better to seek a professional’s advice.  Furthermore, it is probably best to hire a professional.  Because their understanding of trees may be better to rely on.

However, some people love to be outdoors and care for their garden.  This is understandable as the outdoors is always a pleasure.

Honestly, the best time is probably going to be autumn or winter.  When the foliage of trees falls away, the branches become exposed.

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How to prune tree branches

Part 2 of how prune tree branches

Part 2: how to prune tree branches.

A time of the year has come to cut away branches that are diseased or dead.  Autumn and winter are great opportunities to see the skeleton of the tree.  Therefore, cutting it becomes an easier task.

Firstly, make sure you have the safety equipment that is needed.  For instance, gloves and safety goggles.  Protection helps against injury.

Secondly, make sure any tools you use are right for the job.

Thirdly, where you cut the tree encourages new growth.

Part 3 of tree pruning

Part 3: how to prune a tree.

The right place to cut is about a quarter-inch above a shoot that is facing away from the tree.  A branch will grow in the direction it is cut.

The best angle is about 45 degrees.  Because this stops possible disease or water damage.

With bigger branches, it is necessary to make three cuts.  Cut the lighter smaller parts away first.  Then in towards the tree trunk to cut away a larger branch.

Finally, cut close to the trunk.  It is always best to make sure of the species of tree.  Because each tree may be different.

How to prune tree branches


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