How to prune queen palms

How to prune queen palms, the best cutting techniques

How to prune queen palms, the best cutting techniques.  It is important to tree any tree.  Especially palms, as they grow their old leaves known as fronds.  Will go brown and start to look untidy.  Not only this but they can also eventually fall.  Since their leaves are big and heavy, when falling they could hurt someone.

Along with this, it is also good to trim the leaves.  As it promotes good health on the tree.  New leaves will always sprout from the top of these trees.  As the tree grows up, the leaves form part of the trunk.  Aside from the excess leaves that remain and now need to be removed.

You may see certain palms with leaves still on them.  These are the queens as they do not shed on their own.  This, therefore, leaves the owner responsible for trimming maintenance.

How to prune queen palms

An easy guide, how to prune queen palms

Here is an easy guide, how to prune queen palms.

Tip one, and the most important is safety.  Before you go any further, make sure you have a pair of good protective gloves.  In addition, goggles and a hard hat.

Tip two, just as important, is good cutting or trimming equipment.  Check with a local hardware provider.

Tip three, only cut off the fronds that are dead and brown.  Do not over trim the tree.  This leaves it exposed to diseases.  Any leaves that are still yellow leave till they are properly dead.

Professional palm-felling

Professional palm-felling companies know how to prune queen palms.  Like most people, we prefer to ask a specialist.  If you are unsure, rather get a quote from landscaping companies.

Ask for tree trimming quotes.  These service providers have the team and the tools to get the task done fast.

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How to prune queen palms


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