How to prune a tree properly

How to prune a tree properly, simple steps to cut and prune a tree

How to prune a tree properly.  Some simple steps to cut a tree should be considered.  Like any professional job, tree pruning needs to be done preferably by educated individuals.  However, in saying that we know not everyone is going to seek a professional to do simple tree trimming.

So, to make life easy following some steps will help you.  It can save you money and time.

Why are you pruning the tree?  Is it to stimulate growth or to shape it to the desired look.

If you just want to remove dead leaves and branches slight trimming is simple.  Make sure to use the correct kind of cutting tool.

How to prune a tree properly

Tree growth, How to prune a tree properly

Pruning a tree means you want tree growth.  How to prune a tree properly will determine growth stunt or spurt.

For a tree to grow quickly prune it in the winter times.  This will cause more growth in spring.

But, if you prune it in summer.  The growth will slow down.

However, you choose to prune it, think of the tree it is and the shape you would like it to be.

Where do I cut the tree first

How to prune a tree properly at the correct point.  If there are any dead branches cut those first.  That will help water to flow better through the tree.  Also if there are spots that seem overgrown.  Prune those areas so the tree has a better chance of growing balanced.

Be kind to the tree.  Don’t over prune it as it can cause strain to the tree.  Also, trim a tree once a year.  It is unnecessary unless you have to, to cut too much away from the tree branches.

Remember, when you a cutting a tree you are cause a wound.  It needs to heal like your skin needs to heal.

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How to prune a tree properly


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